The mechanical part: 7700 m2. The material preparation part: 3400 m2.

To this space belongs:

Locksmith – preparation shop, the material from the warehouse is getting prepared. For handing material there are 8 overhead cranes available each with lifting capacity of 3.2t – 10t. Material based on the type of each part is cut with cutting and drilling CNC machine / Peddinghaus TDK1000/9E /, FICEP 1101DZB and band-saw PEGAS Horizontal 440x640, PEGAS 300 Professional, PEGAS 290 SHI /.

After cutting the main parts of the construction the next step is the sandblasting with stationary equipment / GIETART GW 1500 x 410 /.

Other parts – plates – are prepared with the cutting automat Pierce RUR 2500 which provides:

  • CNC flame cutting - 2x6m to 130mm
  • CNC plasma cutting plasma cutting machine HPR 260 Hypertherm 2x6m to 30mm, or hydraulic scissors 20mm, 12mm

According to the requirements these parts of the construction are drilled with standing drillers VR5NB, VXR 50NCA to 50mm, or 20mm with automatic equipment (MUBEA KL 1000), profile scissors and punching machine / Peddinghaus Super 20 /

After the separation of material the construction is assembled from parts with help of LINCOLN ELECTRIK POWERTEC 420S, ESAB LAX 380, and Kemppi Fastmig KM 400 welders.

Welding shop – the material arrives to the welding shop through the overhead crane with lifting capacity of 6.3t. At the workshop welders are examined based on EN287-1 are welding parts of the structure to finished goods. Welding shop is equipped with 4 overhead cranes with lifting capacity 3.2t and 5t.

The completion of welding is performed with half-automat ESAB MIG 500 tw; ESAB MIG 505 and Kemppi Fastmig KM 400.

Area Map
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